eeting and agenda," Espinosa said. "We have now agreed a common agenda. This shared space will allow us to overcome obstacles of earlier times. With full respect for the diversity.

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previous trajectory later this year. Consequently, the effects on core inflation of the lower dollar and the output gap will continue to offset each other. As the economy reaches .

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HINGTON, July 28 (Xinhua) -- BP Plc is making drastic moves, including replacing its gaffe-prone chief executive, to recover from the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill and rejuv.

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e the largest overland heroin seizure in history." BERLIN, May 27 (Xinhua) -- A German newspaper reported Wednesday that the German government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel had .

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ople who are persecuted, but also those living in regions with serious disrespect of human rights. Brazil has few limits for asylum seekers, and once the requests are registered, t.

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lvement in the 1995 assassination of political leader Alvaro Gomez Hurtado. Hernando Gomez Bustamante, a drug trafficker extradited to the United States, recently confessed that Sa .

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ler, "It's an unbelievable story, all those cranes in Toronto." On June 26 and 27, Toronto will host the G20 Summit, where leaders of major economies will get together and discuss.

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oices on the ballots. Michel Martely, a 20-year-old voter, told Xinhua he had cast his vote for Martelly. "I hope Martelly can change the country and bring the children more chanc.

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sts. The decree claims "serious acts of sabotage were committed (in the area), affecting the productivity of individuals and companies, and explosive material was violently seized.

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