in Libya are ongoing, stressing the military bloc's experience in training and decommissioning of weapons. "Our understanding from our mission to NATO and from our embassy is that.

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eld at Evergreen Cemetery east of downtown Los Angeles on Monday, and their remains will be reburied five years after they were found. Workers working on a light-rail line constru.

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the United States in late October. According to a statement released by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, President Barack Obama spoke by telephone with his Brazilian count.

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immigration status while enforcing other laws, if they reasonably suspect the person is in the country illegally. LOS ANGELES, July 25 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of residents in Bell C.

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g the Syrian government. The executive order also "bans U.S. imports of Syrian-origin petroleum or petroleum products; prohibits U.S. persons from having any dealings in or relate.

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ery year by the Canadian Forces to demonstrate and improve their capabilities to respond to safety and security challenges in the Arctic. This year's operation will be conducted al .

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on of a highway that would pass through a remote northern indigenous territory in response to public outcry over Sunday's police crackdown on protestors. As Interior Minister Sacha.

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maintain a credit rating," says Chun. "With mobile banking, you can access your accounts, transfer funds or make payments with your mobile device anytime, from almost anywhere in.

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he country's slow recovery from the three-year recession and persisting high unemployment of 9.1 percent. While thousands of New York City union workers and university students to.

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