ago for a murder he did not commit and he was finally able to prove his innocence and was released last year. "I know first-hand that innocent men and women can be convicted of te.

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campaign says it received 23,000 contributions in the first 24 hours following Obama's re-election announcement, with nearly all of those donations in the amount of 200 or less..

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ntinue to fight for Chavez's ideal. Venezuela's related authorities currently are deliberating on the final resting place for Chavez's remains. The Venezuelan parliament is conside.

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ive fight against the smuggling," Elio said. However, Bolivian merchants launched a protest against the new legislation and said they would take radical measures until the governme.

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s channel as well as other channels are going to have to sit down face-to-face, deal with these issues, make some painful compromises along the way, and ultimately reach an agree.

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s with Latin America a priority in its foreign policy, especially its ties with its South American neighbors, said Munoz. A seminar will be held on Nov. 24 in Chile, for which mem .

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, wearing short hair, a trimmed beard, a light-blue collared shirt and dark khakis, listened without reaction to six more witnesses, and three more mothers, whose children were s.

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rovince of Viru. The collision left three people dead and 30 injured, six being in critical condition. The cause of the first crash was not determined as yet, but the second was re.

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with whom he talked about reforestation. Enditem HOUSTON, Oct. 4 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. Coast Guard said Monday that the barge accident that shut down most of the Houston Ship Chan.

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