of San Pablo locality John Galvis told reporters that to the moment the authorities have only found two corpses, which have not been identified yet. "The killing of these eight peo.

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e miners "will be sent in some six hours." The first message "was tied to a plastic bag, and it was miner Mario Gomez' letter. At that moment we celebrated, we did not know more, b.

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e matter is this is just an injunction. We need to go through the court process so the merits of the bill can be debated. I am sure as we go through the process, we'll get a fair .

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Europe, Geithner said. He believed a banking union -- a commitment to a more integrated framework for supervision, for deposit insurance, and broader backstop of the financial sys.

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nds. The fire, which was believed to have been started by an abandoned campfire Sunday, threatened homes, watersheds and wilderness areas in Coconino National Forest, the managemen.

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ch President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday, news reaching here from Paris reported. The meeting is part of Rousseff's first international tour as an official presidential candidate .

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tial candidate Dilma Rousseff rebutted Monday the accusations of corruption made by a local daily. Daily Folha de Sao Paulo published Monday a story accusing Rousseff of favoring a.

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nce Evo Morales took office as president. The government aimed at removing the country's long-term poverty by rasing funds for more infrastructure and industrialization projects. .

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007. "Those we have captured, we are handing over to the Prosecutor' s Office, because it is unforgivable for anyone to take electricity away from the people to sabotage a governme.

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