s is the sixth successful presidential and parliamentary election since 1992, and further demonstrates the people of Ghana's commitment to democracy and the rule of law." "The Unit.

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-- U.S. military confirmed on Thursday that the administration is negotiating with the Iraqi government on retaining some U.S. troops in that country beyond the end of this year,.

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jungle in the country's Amazon region on Tuesday, a senior official said Thursday. Special troops from the Bolivian Air Force and Navy have found the wreckage some 20 km northeast .

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uses and driving people in panic to the street. A Xinhua reporter said telecommunications were severely disrupted, with almost all telephone and mobile phone calls unconnected.Full.

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reporting near Brega, a key oil town in the eastern part of Libya. They have not been heard from since. Previously, four New York Times journalists were captured in Libya while co.

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ft than is about really profound cultural and sociological change," and the situation is " getting worse." Hodin said policymakers need to think about people working longer and di .

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's technical personnel and the region's rescue team arrived immediately at the site, and the fire that broke out after the explosion had been brought under control. According to R.

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s, and would say something only when the sentence affects Bolivia. "It is not that we are not concerned or that we are not interested, but we do not have to interfere because it is.

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), during an event hosted in Caracas. According to the state-run news agency Venezolana de Noticias (AVN), some 2,000 people, accompanied by electoral authorities, went to the bui.

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