the United States today are enjoying elevated political and social status. Notably, the country is having its first African-American president in history.Full story Backgrounder:.

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minister. Martelly is expected to hold talks with Cuban leader Raul Castro on Wednesday. Cuba has supported Haiti for over a decade by providing medical services, and the cooperati.

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a died when hit by incandescent stones. The firemen retrieved his corpse on early Friday morning. The Secretary of Communication of the Presidency, Ronaldo Robles said the governm.

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tionally since the virus was discovered in the United States in 1999, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Arkansas State Department of Health has .

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"I promised to be a soldier of ideas, and I still can fulfill that duty," he wrote. HAVANA, Oct. 14 (Xinhua) -- Cuba's ruling Communist Party is considering a maximum of two consec.

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amazed to find the Asian Wall Street Journal publishing Malott's article titled "The Price of Malaysia's Racism " that carried dirty intentions. The minister also criticized Malott .

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ed on Cuba by the United States remains practically the same, as the U.S. Congress, rather than the president, is the one with enough power to lift these punitive measures. HAVANA.

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ng experts and trained dogs. It also sent experts of seismic damages evaluation. France announced it would send a team of 15 experts to evaluate seismic damages in Chile, as well .

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hat have taken place over the last forty-four years, including the new demographic realities on the ground and the needs of both sides. The ultimate goal is two states for two pe.

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