, living in wretched houses, are in shortage of water, electricity and food.?Full story Solidarity seen among tsunami survivors, rescuers in Chile CONCEPCION, Chile, March 6 (Xinhu.

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mmittee(DNC). A reception was held at the California Science Museum at 4:30 p.m. local time (2130 GMT). After that there will be a dinner nearby at the Natural History Museum. Tic.

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orms later this week. The students said they were calling for mass protests in all major cities on Thursday as a part of their two-year struggle for affordable and equal education.

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ecurity of diplomatic personnel around the world and we stand ready to assist with any investigation of these cowardly actions," Clinton said. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Neta.

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aging some sectors of our economy," concluded the report entitled the National Climate Assessment, which called for "urgent action" to combat the threats climate change presents. T.

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legislative agenda," Fielbaum said. Students say the opposition, which has a one-vote majority in the Senate, is also to be blamed for the poorly-managed education system. The Sena .

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were no injuries or structural damage reported." A spokeswoman for the New York Police Department also reported receiving calls, "citywide from various precincts." She also told Xi.

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Obama told Calderon that "the United States deeply regrets the loss of these officials who were close partners of the United States, and strong public servants for the Mexican p.

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espite the explosion of SpaceShipTwo, the WhiteKnightTwo carrier landed safely. "Space is hard and today was a tough day," Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides told a news confer.

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