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ada has so far contributed more than 600 soldiers, six fighter planes and a frigate to join the United States, British and other NATO forces. A Canadian general has been leading t

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Bogota citizens hope the newly elected mayor would improve stability and safety in the city. PORT-AU-PRINCE, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -- Former Haitian president Jean Claude Duvalier Wedne

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IFRC to offer 279,000 dollars for relief efforts in quake-hit Chile Southern, central Chile hit hard by massive quake 6.2-magnitude aftershock hits Chile

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l needed for nuclear weapons by the same process to purify uranium. But Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purpose. The Obama administration has been trying to push

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ge. The dead were identified as Vincent Leggio, 64, and his wife, Debra, 60. They were killed after their Chevrolet SUV was struck by an 18-wheeler on eastbound lanes, according to

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due to air later Tuesday on NBC's "Today" show. The bail of the two hikers, who were sentenced to eight years in prison in August, has been set at 500,000 dollars each, their law

91福彩社区最懂男人的免费区 -催眠眼镜1~32

iversity. The OSU is filing for a patent on the discovery. "PAHs are a widespread group of toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic compounds, but also one of the biggest concerns about