the coast. Full story U.S. Navy ships stay safe, ready to help WASHINGTON, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- Dozens of U.S. Navy ships have safely moved out of the path of Hurricane Irene and a.

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erupted at a checkpoint inside the terminal around 9:30 a.m. local time (1630 GMT). Full story A total of 1,550 flights with an estimated 167,050 passengers were affected by?LAX?s.

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The quality of environment and improvement helps us tremendously," Daely said. "The idea is simple: engaging everyone in jobs that protect environment. And that is what Earth Day i.

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White House, which wanted big changes, and the Pentagon, which was working on a "continuation of the status quo," according to Defense News. Reports also said the White House want.

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tific collaboration includes partners in Australia, Brazil, Korea, the United States, and host nation Chile, where "early preparation for construction has included groundwork at t.

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nt and the daughter of current President Raul Castron. Estrada, who considers himself gay, said Iriepa and he met three months ago and fell in love with each other. (Agencies) HAVAN .

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of the party, and ask for their votes. "It's very important for a president to reach out to those reluctant members" of the Congress when a legislation needs some major push, he .

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s for children involved in this accident," Villaraigosa added. Two people on board the black SUV fled the scene, then returned to collect a gun left in the car, and was overpowere.

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on, was at Tuesday's announcement. "The implementation of these agreements will improve the access to two growth markets for Canadian goods, services and investment at a time when .

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