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the Peruvian contingents in peace missions will not be only formed by males, but also females, in order to reinforce the assistance, the social aid and the protection to women,


ond career, but also for therapy to overcome their war traumas. These programs, either agricultural therapy or horticultural therapy, are used primarily, but not solely, by retire.


containment of the Wallow Fire near the New Mexico state line, which has forced an unknown number of people to evacuate from several small towns. Efforts focused on the community.


at least 400 from each of the 11 congressional districts, all to be collected by Virginia residents. A decisive win in Virginia could be significant for Romney's delegate count, .


in the cell and a sixth died early Wednesday in a hospital. Eleven severely injured inmates still remained in critical condition Wednesday. Para state police have begun an investiga.

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tically-elected president following two decades of military dictatorship. He was forced to resign after less than two years in office, in an attempt to avoid impeachment proceedi.

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(Xinhua) -- U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to hold bilateral meetings Wednesday with leaders of all parties involved in the Middle East direct talks and host dinner fo.

tions. "Given all those challenges, I think that supply will stay tight in this seaborne and metallurgical coal market for some time, " he said. The company's copper production, whi.

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